Anupam Kher plays Katrina Kaif's father

Legendary Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is currently in London where he has just wrapped up shooting for Yash Chopra’s anticipated next untitled directorial.
The 57-year-old renowned actor took out some time to speak to Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik about the film which has created quite a stir since shooting started last month.
Speaking about shooting in London the actor said: “London is one of my favourite places outside India. I like the feel of London, especially in summer when it’s not cold. It’s a nice place, it’s vibrant and it’s multicultural. A lot of things happen here, there are good restaurants, theatres, movies and shootings. It’s a nice feeling.”
As Anupam Kher has been working with Yash Chopra since 1988, the actor calls Yash Chopra his family and says that the director has not changed at all.
“He is the same from the time I did Chandni with him to till now. His passion is infectious,” said Kher.
He also told us something about his role in the yet untitled film which is due to release in Diwali.
He said: “This time I am playing Katrina Kaif’s father. But I don’t want to reveal anything about the film. It’s a guest appearance, it’s not a lengthy appearance. As Yashji says, I am lucky for him and he has to have me in the film.”

Leaked Synopsis Of London Ishq

Please note that the synopsis is written by a fan and it's not official. We randomly found it on a Bollywood Forum. 

Katrina Kaif prefers SRK, London Ishq over money

True, money can buy everything but not Katrina Kaif. It is being learnt that Katrina Kaif will not be able to walk the ramp for which she was suppose to get rupee one crore. Earlier it was reported that Katrina is expected to pay a short visit to Kochi on March 25 and walk away with rupee one crore and then join Shah Rukh in London for the ongoing shooting of London Ishq.

 But now sources have confirmed that Katrina will not be able to attend the said function in Kochi and will remain busy even after March 25, which means that she is not coming to Kochi. Katrina Kaif is on a very busy schedule and rather than coming to India for one crore she has decided to be in London and focus on London Ishq.

 “Katrina is busy shooting London Ishq with SRK in London and has never confirmed that she will come to Kochi,” a news website wrote. Whatever is the reason for not attending the said private party; I must say well done Katrina and focus on movies and strive to get the image of a dignified actress.

 A daily also reported that Katrina is a very private person and does not like dancing around in wedding and private parties. Though each day she gets offers asking her to dance for while in return of huge amount but she likes to remembered as a grand actress, and does not entertain such offers. via INTERNATIONAL REPORTER


Yash Chopra is currently directing this year’s most anticipated film in London with Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.
The film which was called ‘Production 45’ by Yash Raj Films has finally been titled.
BollyNews UK has learnt that Yash Raj Films has chosen ‘London Ishq’ as the title of the film. Reportedly, the production house decided on the title from three choices. The title ‘Hum London Mein Mile’ was also considered for the film.
It can be noted here that Preity Zinta’s comeback film which she is currently shooting in France has a similar title; ‘Ishqk in Paris’.
Shah Rukh and Katrina have been filming different song sequences with choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant for the last two weeks here in the capital. An A.R Rahman track that is being shot at an undisclosed location in Central London for the last three days is reportedly a club song.
Yash Raj Films has also recently released images from the film of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif after a number of pictures from the shooting appeared online.
‘London Ishq’ is set to release worldwide on Diwali this year. via Sunny Malik